About us

Our company was established in March 2011 with power plant and industrial construction being the focal points. Furthermore we execute with excellence on the fields of designing, constructing and operating industrial, energy supply and technical building systems, not to mention our finesse in structural and civil engineering. What is more, all of our colleagues have enormous experience in these sectors. Every co-worker continuously participate on various trainings in order to study the latest technologies and to take Penta Industry to the next level. Nevertheless, sustainable development is more than crucial for us, therefore we make every effort to strengthen and support our quality assurance & environmental management systems, work and health safety regulations. Our main goals are selecting the perfect parts, elements, processes and the right system approaches.

As we reflect on the past 5 years We can honestly state that we went through ups and downs, at the same time all these struggles, experiences and successes contribute to and back up our professional philosophy, which the following Albert Einstein quote expresses perfectly:


If fills me with great pleasure to present our new brochure where you will have an insight of Penta Industry's scope of activites,outstanding services and projects.


General information

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Penta Industry Ipari Erőműtechnikai Fővállalkozó és Szolgáltató Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság

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Limited Company


Hungary 1148 Budapest, Kerepesi út 52.

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Magnet Bank:16200106-115363154

Design, engineering service

• Feasibility studies

• General planning

• Draft design

Power plant project

• Implementation of power plants as general contractor

• Implementation of power plant systems as general contractor

• Piping systems, construction of power plant structures

Industrial construction

• Implementation of industrial facilities as general contractor

• Implementation of industrial and technological systems as general contractor

• Construction of piping systems, industrial structures, mechanical and electrical systems

Building constructions

• Implementation of technical building systems as general contractor

• Heating, cooling, ventilation and air conditioning, fire-extinguisher systems, gas supply systems, water and sewage systems

Structural and civil engineering

• Structural engineering

• construction works

• Mechanical system

• Electrical installation

Facility management

• Complete operation of Industrial facilities and public buildings

• Technical operation

• Scheduled maintenance

• Control of energy supply systems


Ramor Frigyes

Managing director

Gmóser Mónika

Manager/ CFO

Teczli Róbert

Manager/Technical director

Valkai Tibor

Quality Assurance and HR Manager

Kiss Barbara Lili

Office manager

Oláh Tibor

Technical director