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Our company was established in March 2011 with power plant and industrial construction being the focal points. FurtherMore we execute with excellence on the fields of designing, constructing and operating industrial, energy supply and technical building systems, not to mention our finesse in structural and civil engineering. What is More, all of our colleagues have enormous experience in these sectors. Every co-worker continuously participate on various trainings in order to study the latest technologies and to take Penta Industry to the next level.


Company Profile

Our company’s main profile is general contracting (other specialized construction activities) as well as designing, establishment, maintenance and management of industrial installations, energy installations and technical building systems.

Area of activities:


Penta Industry

The execution has arrived to the last phase. The finishing works will be completed within the expected deadline.

Stadium of Kisvárda


Penta Industry

At present, the project is under preparation. The implementation will begin in May 2018.

Kisvárda MÁV railway tunnel construction


Penta Industry

The implementation of Nyírbátor BRFK Police Station has begun in November 2017. Currently we are going ahead with structural works.

Construction of Nyírbátor BRFK Police Station


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Office: Kerepesi út 52.
Budapest 1148

Branch of the company: Külső Szegedi út 136-139.
Kecskemét 6000

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