Penta Industry

Establishes a wheet processing plant with a capacity of 250.000 tons/year in its premises near Visonta. The scheduled date of the installation is the first half of 2018. Our scope of duties concerning the cooling tower, distillation plant and drying plants: design and building construction.

Visonta Projekt Kft


Penta Industry

We have completed the construction works of the new KFC restaurant in Szolnok.

KFC restaurant Szolnok


Penta Industry

FINA Synchronized swimming competition site in Varosliget


Penta Industry

Both pools are complete at one of the FINA World Championship’s site in Budapest, located in Városliget. At present, works are going on with the commissioning of water treatment equipments and with the construction of podiums and grandstands. The pools are going to be used for the first time on 1st July by the synchronized swimming team for trainings.

FINA World Championship’s


Penta Industry

The extension of oil storage parks by establishing new tanks at quick-start power plants of Litér and Sajószöged is in progress.

Power plants of Litér and Sajószöged

2016.06.14 Thursday

General construction works of KFC Miskolc have started.

KFC Restaurant Miskolc

2016.05.27 Friday

Grain processing factory in Tiszapüspöki- during our ongoing project we provide the design and construction of a cooling tower system on behalf of Tisza-TK Projekt Kft.

Grain processing factory in Tiszapüspöki

2016. 05.02 Monday

Tatabánya Power Plant Biomass Project- We have completed the reconstruction of Tatatánya Power Plants Ltd’s two natural gas-fired furnances-number 7 and 8 – to biomass-fuelled combustors.

Tatabánya Power Plant Biomass Project

2016.04.20 Wednesday

Grain processing factory in Tiszapüspöki- Construction works of 3 x 1000 m2 soak tanks have started on behalf of Tisza-TK Projekt Kft.

Grain processing factory in Tiszapüspöki

2016.03.21 Monday

Power Plant of Oroszlány- Full turnkey manufacturing and installing a 37,5 (3x12,5) MWth performance, water heat, natural gas-fired generator with end-to end solutions have been carried out.

Power Plant of Oroszlány

2016.02.19 Friday

Decathlon Store Szolnok- Implementation of Decathlon Store in Auchan Commercial Centre has been completed.

Decathlon Store Szolnok

2016.02.17 Wednesday

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